Mortgage Fraud Solicitors - Compensation Claim Lawyers

Our mortgage fraud solicitors deal with civil compensation claims to recover financial losses against dishonest or reckless solicitors, estate agents, accountants, valuers, surveyors and all manner of financial intermediaries including wealth managers, financial advisers and financial planners. If you have been the victim of a financial scam our mortgage fraud solicitors would be more than willing to discuss your potential claim on the telephone and to provide free advice without obligation. We operate the no win no fee scheme and compensation is paid in full. You do not have to fund or finance your claim which is totally risk free. Win or lose there is no charge. Just contact us using the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices. All is not necessarily lost - do yourself justice and give us a call.

Dishonesty & Deception

Mortgage fraud is about providing false details with intent to deceive in order to obtain a loan. The main issue usually at the heart of most mortgage fraud relates to obtaining a loan by dishonest means often at a vast overvalue of the property used as security for the loan. This ensures that the dishonest vendor of the property who usually arranges the loan in conjunction with financial advisers, valuers and solicitors, on behalf of the purchaser receives considerably more for the property than it would be worth on the open market ensuring that the buyer has a shortfall upon subsequent resale and the mortgagor has security worth less than the value of the loan. Our mortgage fraud compensation claim solicitors act for both lenders and borrowers in these situations as either or both may be the victim of a dishonest transaction often at the behest of organised crime.

Predatory Lending

Mortgage fraud is not the same as ‘predatory lending’ where the buyer is the victim of dishonesty by the lender however our mortgage fraud solicitors also deal with civil legal action against predatory lenders, otherwise known as 'loan sharks' who enter into a contract with the borrower which often contains unfair and/or illegal terms combined with unlawful penalties in the event of early repayment.

Professional Advice

Mortgage fraud is a term used to describe a wide range of dishonest behaviour revolving around the way property or land is bought. Our mortgage fraud solicitors deal with a broad spectrum of compensation claims typically including over priced buy to let and overpriced new-build sold to unsuspecting purchasers with the connivance of dishonest vendors, estate agents, solicitors and financial advisers often on illegal unfair terms. Mortgage fraud solicitors often discover that these transactions involve organised criminal activity however the only way to recover compensation usually involves taking legal proceedings against the professionals in the chain as opposed to the perpetrators who are often either impecunious or impossible to find or difficult to connect with the scam as a result of false identities.